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Sockcess! I Sold My Website
October 28, 2015|Uncategorized

Sockcess! I Sold My Website

Sockcess! I Sold My Website

Yesterday I sent out my very last Wank Sock order after sock-cessfully completing the sale of the site. I just wanted to write a quick update as it’s something I keep getting asked since I put it up for auction on Flippa not long ago.

I’d like to thank anyone that has helped me with it, whether you encouraged me with my silly idea, bought one, helped me pack and post them (thanks mum), or even used one, thank you.

It was a fun side project to work on which has helped me out in more ways than I thought possible. As well providing me with small income over Xmas it worked as a great ice breaker, and it even helped me secure a job (I took one to a job interview once).

It’s been a great experience, and it feels wonderful to have a created a product that makes people laugh, however my heart wasn’t in it anymore, and I felt it was the right time to sell.

I don’t have any plans to make any more novelty gifts, although I did once consider creating the Tinsel Tampon… for the Christmas period, no strings attached (sorry). However I think I’ll leave the novelty gift ideas to Shed Simove.

I wish the new owner who wishes to remain anonymous (I don’t blame them, who wants to own up to the fact they own a wank sock site) the best of luck with it. Unfortunately I am unable to disclose the price of the sale (so please don’t ask me).

Thanks for reading, as a token of my appreciation here’s some eye candy for you to admire.

wank sock

For those of you who may require a sock after viewing that image, you know where to go.

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I’ve Been Hit
July 12, 2014|Uncategorized

I’ve Been Hit

I’ve Been Hit

Last week I was the unfortunate victim of an attempted negative SEO attack on one of my websites. This stuff happens all the time in the SEO world. Usually it’s done by a competitor so that they can outrank you, however what was interesting about this attack is that it was clear that it was personal.

My site is new and doesn’t even rank yet. I’d only told a handful of people about it, so was surprised to see it come under attack.

On the 5th July I started receiving blog spam links, in all there were about 2,000 of them, with lovely anchor text such as ‘rofe cunt’ & ‘photo box cunt’. Rofe is obviously my surname and Photo box is a place where I have just started working. So whoever did it knows I started working at Photobox, and chances are they read my blog post here.

The day before the attack, which was the 4th July I had uplift in traffic to that blog post as a result of a thread on acorndomains here. So in my opinion whoever committed the attack read that thread.

I have some interesting information on site visits the day before the attack.

On the 4th July (day before the attack and same day the acorn thread was posted) I had just one unique visit to the site, that same day I also had a visit to this blog post from a computer on the same IP address. That very same IP address can be matched back to a user account on acorndomains. That user account is MRH, which belongs to Mark Hall.

Who is Mark Hall?

Mark Hall is an internet marketer, he runs a number of businesses including an SEO agency called Improve Agency, a Sock business & he runs an Avenge business for a living.

Back in March Mark had an outburst on twitter towards me, he sent me a tweet which at the time shocked me and I felt his comment was purely done to belittle me infront of others. Mark has since deleted the tweet, but many others witnessed it. I can’t remember off hand what it was exactly he said.

In fairness to Mark, he did later apologise saying that he was “having a bad day” that he is “quick to anger” and admitted himself that he “went a bit spaz”.

The facts (these can all be verified)

  • Someone on the same IP address who was also in control of the MRH account on acorndomains also visited my blog post here on the 4th July.
  • Someone on that same IP also visited a website of mine on the same day (the only unique visit to that site that day), it was a direct visit to the website and that same IP later visited the site via one of my backlinks.
  • The very next day (5th July) that same website of mine had an attack receiving in excess of 2,000 blog spam comments with anchor texts including ‘rofe cunt’, ‘photo box cunt’ and ‘leech’.

Make of all this what you will, as I am merely stating facts and not accusations.

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Return to the Rat Race
June 26, 2014|Uncategorized

Return to the Rat Race

Return to the Rat Race

It’s been a little under a month since I returned to the rat race. I’m doing the daily commute on the packed tube, I’ve got less freedom, less free time and only twenty something days of annual leave.

This was everything I wanted to escape from less than 2 years ago, but I’m actually enjoying it now, which is something a little while ago I thought I’d never say. Although it’s early days and perhaps I’m experiencing a ‘honeymoon’ period, I’m pretty confident I’ve made the right decision to return to work.

The Job Hunt

I decided early on in my job hunt that I wanted a role that was varied, which is a rarity in the digital environment as everything has become so specialised (unless you work at a small company).

My background is in affiliate marketing and SEO (although I have dabbled with other stuff). But I don’t really see myself as an affiliate specialist, and I don’t see myself as an SEO. I see myself as a well rounded digital marketer, and I wanted a job that would reflect that.

The idea of being specialised in one discipline really didn’t appeal to me, I knew if I did that I’d soon get bored pretty quick – variety is the spice of life. I was being very selective as to what I applied for.

The Job

As you’ve probably gathered, someone did offer me a job and whipping out a Wank Sock in the interview didn’t seem to deter them (yes I actually did that). Earlier this month I upped sticks from my quiet country town and I began living and working in London. I’ve got a job working as part of the acquisition team for the ‘Rest Of World’ markets at Photobox who are an ecommerce website specialising in photo printing and photo gifts.

Essentially I’m looking after a few emerging countries that Photobox have expanded into. As these markets are new it has given rise to a unique situation where it’s almost like I am working for a small company or start up within a big company. This has meant my role encompasses a broad range of online marketing including email, display, affiliate, and SEO – so there’s a good bit of variation there.

Important Stuff

A few things that I felt were important about the role I went for were:

That I learn. Learning is THE most important thing for me and I see it as something that is critical for long term development. The best way to learn is to surround yourself with others that know more than you, and because everything is done in house here there’s an expert in every discipline that I can learn from. I’m currently enjoying getting stuck in to Facebook ads which is something I have never done before.

The people. The people are great and I feel like I’ve gelled well already. Working as part of a team is something that I missed immensely when I was working from home. I’m enjoying simple things such as being part of the football team in our office and after work drinks on a Friday.

The company. I think if you’re going to immerse yourself within a job that it helps if you like what the company does. I’d feel a bit shitty marketing something shoddy like payday loans or a gambling product. Photobox products are quite emotional and it makes me feel good about myself that I am marketing products that will (hopefully) bring a smile to a customer’s face when they receive their order.

I think at this moment in time I am the happiest I have been for a while, the past few months prior to getting a job I felt as though I was stuck in a bit of a rut. I now feel like I’ve got a purpose once again, I’m enjoying the social side that comes with the office environment and being in London.

My Business Ventures

I won’t ever stop working on my own business ventures, I’ve come to accept that working for someone else will probably never bring me the kind of money that I want to be earning. When you make a website that is bringing in revenue, not only are you creating an income stream but you’re creating an asset that can be sold too which is something that you don’t get when you’re just working in a job.

Right now I happy, but I am confident I’ll return to working solely for myself again one day. I think I did everything a bit too prematurely but I’ve experienced success (and failures) and I know I am able to carry on and repeat those successes again.

I get a few people asking me how Wank Sock is doing, last weekend I paid a visit to the ETO Show where I spent the day walking around butt plugs, dildos and vibrators to see if I could source any retailers that I could sell it to as a wholesaler. Sales are ticking over without any marketing effect, but it is a highly seasonal product, it’s fair to say that this is the most I have looked forward to the period Christmas period for a long time.

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