The Making of 🎄

It takes a special type of idiot to quit a stable job during a pandemic and start a business pushing a product that only sells for a few weeks of the year. 

That idiot is me.

Hi, I’m Mark Rofe, and I quit my job to start a business selling Christmas trees on the internet. What’s more, I’ve decided to document my journey so you can see exactly how it works out.

You might already know that I’m no stranger to doing silly things.

I created a business selling wank socks (yes, you read that right), another that edits your ex-partners out of photos, and recently I put myself on a giant billboard to find a girlfriend (somehow more than 2,000 people applied to date me).

Now, I want to be the top retailer for sustainable UK-grown Christmas trees, from quality product to customer service. I have to get this right, because if I don’t I could end up ruining Christmas for people.

But in the process, I also want to teach anyone who’d like to learn about marketing and e-commerce. I’m going to show you everything from behind the scenes — finding a supplier, building the website, marketing the product, and all the cock-ups in between.

I’m probably going to get some things right, I’m probably going to get some things wrong, but I’m definitely going to figure it out along the way. 

Join me for the journey!

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