I don’t usually post about what I’m working on, as I don’t want the whole world and his dog to know about everything I am doing, but for this one I’ve made an exception. As the title suggests, I am making a move into the taxi industry, and it’s all without even having to drive a car.

The taxi industry is worth approximately £2.6 billion per annum in the UK alone, so it’s big business.

A little while ago I acquired the domain ManchesterTaxi.co.uk along with a few others.

This weekend I got the site Manchester Taxi up and running, it still needs tweaking, but it’s there.

Like a lot of things now, when people need to find information, they pay a little visit to Google. Many people do the same for taxi numbers. Below are the approximate amount of searches for keyword terms associated with Taxis in Manchester on Google UK, for each month (sorry bit of a mouthful there).

Manchester Taxi – 1,300 searches
Taxi Manchester – 1,300 searches
Manchester Taxis – 720 searches
Manchester Airport Taxi – 720 searches
Taxi to Manchester Airport – 480 searches
Manchester Airport Taxis – 390 searches
Taxis Manchester – 390 searches
Manchester Taxi Numbers – 320 searches
Manchester Airport Transfers – 320 searches
Taxi Manchester Airport – 320 searches
Manchester Cab – 320 searches
Manchester Cabs – 260 searches

There are more terms too, but these alone equate to approximately 6,520 searches a month on Google.

The Plan
The plan is to get the site ranking for some of these terms and capture some of this traffic. Once I’ve done that I am going to contact taxi companies that serve the Manchester area and sell them leads. This will basically involve me purchasing my own phone number and putting it on my website, and then redirecting that number to a taxi company, and charging them a small fee for each call. I’ve put a taxi number on the site that’s not mine for the time being, until it gets ranking.

This is something I’ve never done before, but I am not the first to do it. To my knowledge, and to his knowledge too, the first person to do it is a chap called Khalid. He appeared to do quite well from it before selling his business on, and it’s certainly something that has interested me since reading about his business.

The only promoting of this site I am going to do is via SEO, I believe Khalid did a lot of other promoting with his, but for the meantime i’m going to just stick with SEO. I am confident that I can get this ranking for some of those larger volume terms up there including Manchester airport taxi, and I know the fact that I have an exact match domain (which still carries weight in the search engines) will help too.

I have no idea how successful this will be, and it’s certainly not going to make me rich, but with Manchester being one of the largest cities in the UK, I am hoping it can bring me in some money :)


  • Mark,

    Great post – something I’ve never thought of is purchasing a phone number to sell leads. How much do you reckon you could earn for each call?

    I have a bunch of local focussed domains, and this could be one way to monitise.


    • Hi Richard,

      Yeah I think it’s a good idea, and like I mentioned I wasn’t the first to do it or think of it, so all credit to Khalid there!

      The fee per call would be a flat rate, otherwise it would be too difficult to calculate.

      I’ll obviously look to negotiate with companies when the time comes, as it has to be something that would work for both of us.

      I’d imagine it would be a small fee, but in volume should be able to make some money here :)

  • This looks like a great project to get to grips with. I really needs to cut down on all the small websites and get to grips with making something like this.

    Good luck

  • Hi Mark,

    Sounds like you’ve got yourself a little bit of a plan there my friend, and a great way to earn some money online!

    I’d be very interested to see how this plan of your works out, would be interesting to run a progress category and keep us posted at how you are doing on this idea – if it works however your exact methods could be a really great product that you could market / sell to people looking to do their own version of this in their own niche / sector!


  • Hi Mark,

    Best of luck with this. I had a similar deal in the past selling car leasing leads for £20 each, using calls over 60 seconds. One thing I would say is that it is not as easy to partner up with a company as you might think. I had a site generating leads for modular buildings and literally could not give them away, no one would even respond – that may have been indicative of that industry online however.

    I would say the least you can achieve if nothing else is to sell the whole site once you achieved these ranking – hopefully someone will cotton on to the fact it is a risk free way of getting new business.


    • Thanks Simon,

      That’s interesting, there are quite a few taxi companies in Manchester, so hopefully one of them will take an interest :)

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