Here’s a small collection of blogs or sites that I enjoy reading.

Frank Paul – Frank is a true entrepreneur who’s best known for his domaining but has a knack for making money from the internet via any means. He pretty much started me off on my online journey, and over the years has become a close friend.

Dan Barker – Dan is the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to anything related to digital marketing. His blog and tweets are definitely worth reading.

Carl Hendy – Years ago one of my first attempts at trying to make money from affiliate marketing was spamming a popular Nintendo Wii forum (it didn’t work very well), I found out years later that Carl actually owned that forum. Small world. Carl keeps himself under the radar a little, but when it comes to SEO, Carl definitely knows his stuff.

Earl Grey – Earl’s a bit of a mysterious chap in that few know his actual identity. He’s been doing SEO a long time and was one of the first blackhat SEO’s, he’s also a pro at trolling on twitter.

Khalid Khames – Khalid is one of the most “business smart” people that I know, and was the first to introduce pay per call marketing into the taxi industry.

Surena Chande – Surena’s a talented journalist, and upcoming fashion and lifestyle blogger in Dubai. She’s also someone close to my heart, you can read her posts on – A website that sells letters from Santa himself.

Ryan Gibson – Ryan owns a portfolio of education sites, into his health and fitness and is an overall good guy.

Chris Dyson – Chris’s tweets never fail to make me laugh (this is a personal fav), he’s probably the funniest SEO I know (almost has funny as me). He’s also extremely knowledge when it comes to SEO too.