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From £5,000 to £100,000+ A Year
August 2, 2015|General

From £5,000 to £100,000+ A Year

From £5,000 to £100,000+ A Year

I wanted to write this to demonstrate how practically anyone with digital marketing knowledge can earn £100K+ a year within 8 years by starting out with £5,000.

Now I should start off by saying that what I have to share is realistic (no bullshit), so it will require time, patience and discipline. While it’s theoretical, the fundamental principles here work, and it’s something I personally try follow myself. I also know that this isn’t the quickest way to make money online either, but it’s what i’d consider a ‘safer’ route, which I’ll explain later in this post.

I appreciate not everyone has £5,000 lying around, but you can start off with less money (but it will take you longer to hit £100K+).

So how is this possible? It’s so simple that I’m actually surprised at the amount of people that aren’t doing this. The key is buying existing and already profitable websites, and then using the income generated to buy more profitable sites. By repeating this and reinvesting your income, over time your earnings mount up. You’ll also be creating money earning assets in the process, which you could always sell if you want/need to.

If you start off with £5,000 and buy a website for the amount it would earn over a period of 18 months, and then continually reinvested all your profits, below is the amount you’d earn over a 10 year period. After 5 years you’d be earning close to the average UK salary of £26,000. Take a look below.

Year Reinvested Profit Average Monthly Income Payback At End Of Year
1 N/A (intial £5K investment) £277.78 £3,333.33
2 £3,333.33 £462.96 £5,555.56
3 £5,555.56 £771.60 £9,259.26
4 £9,259.26 £1,286.01 £15,432.10
5 £15,432.10 £2,143.35 £25,720.16
6 £25,720.16 £3,572.25 £42,866.94
7 £42,866.94 £5,953.74 £71,444.90
8 £71,444.90 £9,922.90 £119,074.84
9 £119,074.84 £16,538.17 £198,458.06
10 £198,458.06 £27,563.62 £330,763.43

If you’re curious as to how much could be made with a different initial investment I’ve added a google spreadsheet here. You can edit the initial investment amount, and the monthly multiples for which you’d buy sites for and it will automatically update so you could see potential earnings over time.

Where to find websites
There’s a few places you can keep an eye on, such as flippa and acorn domains, uk business forums etc. It’s worth noting though that sites listed for sale at these places get put in front of the eyes of many other digital marketeers which can push up prices. So you might struggle to buy a site for 18 months revenue, although it is possible as I have done it myself. If you want to find the deals, then you’ll have to put a bit of ground work in and go where they aren’t in front of everyones eyes.

The important thing when you’re looking to buy a site is that you do your due diligence. Failure to do this properly could result in the purchase of a site that was only ever destined to fail. For example, sites that have had questionable seo tactics done to rank them which show good traffic and earnings now, but in a few months time will be penalised by Google.

If a site is getting most traffic via SEO, I try to go for sites that have a decent history of traffic and earnings. This shows to me that it has been able to survive the ever-changing SEO landscape, and should hopefully be able to maintain earnings moving forward. I always try and get a second opinion too.

You could also opt to buy sites through a broker such as Empire Flippers or FE International, you’ll usually require a bigger budget here, as these are higher end sites, and don’t expect to pay 18 months revenue for a site either. BUT what you will get is an expert who can help you through the process and due diligence, which would offer you some piece of mind. FE International have actually done a really good piece on due diligence here.

Now I mentioned earlier how I thought this was a ‘safer’ route when investing online. What I meant by that was that if I had money to start an internet business from scratch, it may or may not work. Regardless of how confident you are, it’s unknown. Whereas buying a site that is already earning, you already have proof that it works. While it still carries risks, it’s less risky.

Of course there are some flaws with the above ‘plan’, and i’m making assumptions that all funds get reinvested, sites are continuously acquired at 18 months revenue etc. But the principle is there and the numbers don’t lie (unless i’ve done my calculations horribly wrong).

I’ve now made it a ‘test’ of mine and think to myself “If I can make this investment back in 18 months or less I should probably try buy it” – provided I have the funds of course.

I was actually inspired to write this post by Ryan Gibson, who around a year ago now used interest free credit cards to fund his website acquisitions. Ryan has now recently paid off the cards in full, and everything he makes from now on is 100% profit. A wonderful achievement!

The internet is a big place now, there’s opportunities to invest in websites and make money for everyone. If you’re not doing it already, I really do suggest you give it a go.

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Return Of The Rofe
July 19, 2015|General

Return Of The Rofe

Return Of The Rofe

Recently I bought the domain which the observant among you may have noticed is my surname. I looked into buying it a few years ago, but back then I never really had the money or a plan for what i’d do with it if i did.

Fast forward a few years down the line, and I still don’t really have a plan, and I still don’t really have the money, but I thought i’d buy it anyway, cos you know what? YOLO.

So besides from having an expensive new email address, I’ve decided to (try) blogging again, which I’ve learnt is pretty much just talking to myself. I’ve read back at some of the stuff i’ve written previously on, and while some of it makes me cringe (seriously try reading anything you’ve written 2+ years ago), some of it makes me realise how far i’ve come too.

I’m not really sure what you can expect from, I’ll probably be writing about my perspective on life, digital marketing, and my personal journey making money online.

Over the years i’ve been inspired, influenced, and motivated by a lot of marketeers out there (and some of them have become good friends too). I feel i’ve learnt a lot, and it’s been a real eye opener. I think it would be great if I could achieve any of that through this site, sometimes we all need a bit of a rocket up our backside*.

*I felt I had to justify use of that stock pic, and that’s the best I could come up with.

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I’ve Been Hit
July 12, 2014|Uncategorized

I’ve Been Hit

I’ve Been Hit

Last week I was the unfortunate victim of an attempted negative SEO attack on one of my websites. This stuff happens all the time in the SEO world. Usually it’s done by a competitor so that they can outrank you, however what was interesting about this attack is that it was clear that it was personal.

My site is new and doesn’t even rank yet. I’d only told a handful of people about it, so was surprised to see it come under attack.

On the 5th July I started receiving blog spam links, in all there were about 2,000 of them, with lovely anchor text such as ‘rofe cunt’ & ‘photo box cunt’. Rofe is obviously my surname and Photo box is a place where I have just started working. So whoever did it knows I started working at Photobox, and chances are they read my blog post here.

The day before the attack, which was the 4th July I had uplift in traffic to that blog post as a result of a thread on acorndomains here. So in my opinion whoever committed the attack read that thread.

I have some interesting information on site visits the day before the attack.

On the 4th July (day before the attack and same day the acorn thread was posted) I had just one unique visit to the site, that same day I also had a visit to this blog post from a computer on the same IP address. That very same IP address can be matched back to a user account on acorndomains. That user account is MRH, which belongs to Mark Hall.

Who is Mark Hall?

Mark Hall is an internet marketer, he runs a number of businesses including an SEO agency called Improve Agency, a Sock business & he runs an Avenge business for a living.

Back in March Mark had an outburst on twitter towards me, he sent me a tweet which at the time shocked me and I felt his comment was purely done to belittle me infront of others. Mark has since deleted the tweet, but many others witnessed it. I can’t remember off hand what it was exactly he said.

In fairness to Mark, he did later apologise saying that he was “having a bad day” that he is “quick to anger” and admitted himself that he “went a bit spaz”.

The facts (these can all be verified)

  • Someone on the same IP address who was also in control of the MRH account on acorndomains also visited my blog post here on the 4th July.
  • Someone on that same IP also visited a website of mine on the same day (the only unique visit to that site that day), it was a direct visit to the website and that same IP later visited the site via one of my backlinks.
  • The very next day (5th July) that same website of mine had an attack receiving in excess of 2,000 blog spam comments with anchor texts including ‘rofe cunt’, ‘photo box cunt’ and ‘leech’.

Make of all this what you will, as I am merely stating facts and not accusations.

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