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One Year On
November 12, 2013|General

One Year On

So it’s been a year since I quit my job and wrote this post (time flies!), and I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on how the year has gone.

It’s not been easy by any means, and I think this is something that I naively under estimated. In fact everything I worked on for the first 6 months just didn’t work.

When that happens it really knocks your confidence and you feel deflated. My parents saw me struggling and the evitable question of “When are you going to get a proper job again?” slowly started creeping out.

I’ll admit that at times I even started to question my own abilities, and wondered whether this was ‘right’ for me, but deep down I still believed in myself.

I decided to keep at it, with every failure I took away a valuable learning. Things did eventually turn around. I’d managed to do something that really sorted me out financially, it provided me with funds to reinvest into other projects, and also restored my belief in myself.

I’m still not where I’d like to be financially, it’s taken a while but over the course of the next 2/3 months I am pretty sure that this will change given the things I am currently working on.

I can honestly say that I’ve learnt so much more this year than I would of working in any job, and I think that this is something that can only be beneficial in the long run.

What Am I doing Now
So when I wrote my post last year, I mentioned that I’d mainly be focusing on being an affiliate in the health and beauty niche. While I still have health & beauty related sites, this isn’t something that I focus on anymore. I’ve branched out into other areas, and don’t really class myself as typical ‘affiliate’ anymore.

I’m currently working on an e-commerce project which is something new for me. It’s also new for me as i’ll be using social media as the driving force to generate traffic and hopefully sales, whereas previously i’ve always relied on SEO.

I’m excited because I don’t think it’s something that I don’t think has been done before. With anything that ‘hasn’t been done before’, it’s usually completely genius or completely stupid. I think it has the potential to go viral, or become a complete flop. I’ll be launching the site later this week (fingers crossed), so only time will tell.

Working From Home
In some ways working from home has been brilliant. I’ve enjoyed the flexibility it’s provided, and I’ve been able to travel and work from Latvia, Madrid & Amsterdam this year. Outside of that though, it can get bloody lonely.

The one and only thing I miss about having a ‘proper’ job is the social interaction with workmates. I can often be found dicking around on twitter & facebook as my form of social interaction now.

Support From Others
In general the support i’ve had from others that work in the industry has been overwhelming. It’s something that came to me as a bit of a surprise, as I’d expected it to be more of a ‘dog eat dog’ environment.

What i’ve actually found is that most are more than happy to try and help each other out where they can. Everyone is there to help each other achieve.

While lots of people have helped me out, nobody has done more so than Frank Paul. Frank has helped me out tremendously, and I can’t thank him enough for that. I’ve learnt a lot from him, not only has he become somewhat of a mentor for me, he’s also become a good friend too.

I’ve had help from so many people that it’s difficult to name them all here, but I’d like to thank Khalid, Kirstin, Jake, Owen, Trudy, Josh, Ryan, Henry & Justin for all their help, advice and support too.

The Future
On a personal level I’d like to move out of my parent’s house and to a bigger city, this is something I’m looking at doing early next year. Eventually though I’d like to take my work with me and travel the world.

Workwise I’ve got enough projects to keep me busy for a little while so i’m currently focusing on those at the moment. My aim is to try and make money online via every avenue, I think it’s not only a good learning experience, but a great way to diversify too.

The internet is brimming with opportunities, and I’d like to try take advantage of them where I can.

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Why you will never earn the value of your salary
June 19, 2013|General

Why you will never earn the value of your salary

ideaHave you ever thought about why companies exist? If you have then you’ve probably realised that companies exist to make money. They aren’t there to make money for their employee’s, oh hell no, they are there to make money for their owners.

We all know (at least I hope you know) that companies make their money by selling the product or service they create for more than it costs to produce.

Have you ever realised that this also applies to your salary too?

You’re only getting paid x amount because you’re adding > x in value to the company.

Say for example you’re being paid a salary of £20k a year, you’re only being paid that because you are adding more value than the amount you are getting paid. So on a £20k salary you could be adding £25K, £30K, £60K worth of value to the company.

This is why you won’t get the value of your salary. If you do, then the company is essentially making a loss by employing you. Ok I’m sure there are plenty of examples of this happening, for example start ups, the NHS, not for profit companies, or social enterprises, but I’m sure you understand my point.

So when I was working for a company, I felt I was working hard to make someone else rich. This is one of my favourite quotes below.

My boss pulled up in his brand new BMW today and I couldn’t help but admire it.

“Nice car,” I said as he got out.

“Well,” he said, noticing my admiring looks, “Work hard, put the hours in, and I’ll have an even better one next year.”

The reason I love this so much, is because it’s true! You’re working hard so the person above you in the organisation can get their bonus, they are doing the same for their boss and so is the person above and so on. The people making the money are the owners.

726 of the richest 1,000 entries in the Sunday Times Rich List 2012 are self-made millionaires. I wouldn’t mind betting that those 726 people didn’t make the list by being an employee at a company.

So I’ve decided that I want to earn the full value of my salary, to do this I became the owner of a business, I went self employed. I’m not sure if I’ll become a millionaire (I wouldn’t say no), I just want to make enough to live and do the things I want.

There are of course downsides too, I don’t have a guaranteed income, I’ve gone a few months before barely making any money at all. I don’t get company bonuses, I don’t get company benefits such as sick pay, or free lunches etc.

This route certainly isn’t the path for everyone, some people are better working for others. Most businesses fail within the first year, but I’m sure if you can make it work then the rewards will be worth it.

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Why You’ll Never Be Free
June 17, 2013|General

Why You’ll Never Be Free

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFrom a young age we are taught that the key to life is to work hard at school, get a good job, work long hours, get promoted and then you will be happy. The problem is, most of us believed it.

The truth is, we work in jobs we don’t like, or in jobs that we hate, jobs that suck the life, soul and personality out of you. People get depressed, and people end up in debt.

I know this isn’t true for everyone, some people love their job, but for a lot of people it is true. You’re a slave to the corporate world, or job that you work in, you’re not free.

You may think I’m being extreme here, but according to slavery is

“a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune

Think about that for a second, who do you ask when you want time off work (liberty), and who controls the amount you get paid (fortune)?

The definition of ‘free’ from the same website is

“Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes”

So are you free? Chances are no.

How To Be Free

Some people say that money buys you happiness, I am not so sure, but one thing I am sure of is that it certainly brings you freedom. Freedom to do what you want, and when you want. To be a free man you need to remove two main restrictions, firstly lack of money, and secondly you need to get rid of your boss.

If you have both of these in your life then you’ll never be free.

So I guess you’re probably thinking that because I have written this post that I must be a free man. I am not there yet, I have a part-time job that requires 2/3 hours work a day, but this job means I can work remotely anywhere in the world. I am currently writing this post in Riga in Lativa, and I am continuing to carry on with both my own work and part-time job while I am here.

I am certainly more free than I used to be, and I am sure one day I will be fully free. I am not making loads of money at the moment, but things are just beginning to come together. Aside from this, I can’t begin to tell you how much more rewarding it is working on your own business as opposed to someone else’s.

If you want to be free too then I recommend the below resources.


The book Get Out While You Can by George Marshall
Bricks and bread who offer start up loans and free business mentoring to get your own business going.

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