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Starting Again
October 19, 2012|Uncategorized

Starting Again

I am sure everyone in the SEO or affiliate world knows that there have been some significant changes recently. For those of you that don’t know (I assume you’re not involved in the SEO or affiliate industry), Google made a change to their ranking algorithm (see Google update explained for more info around this) on the 28th September which has affected all my websites that were generating income- they don’t rank anywhere near where they used to anymore > less website visits > less sales > less commission.

Essentially I now have to start all again. Many predicted that this change would happen, and I thought that it could do too- but not for at least a few years if it did. I forget how fast things can move in this industry.
I suppose it serves me right for making shit sites just to get them ranking to make a few quid, but it was good while it lasted. I knew I couldn’t go on making those types of sites forever and had already put some plans in the pipeline to make a few quality sites before I even knew about this update.
If you want your site to survive on Google now, and in the future, you have to build a site that truly adds value to the user. A site that people can’t do without- like Amazon for example.

I guess the saying eggs in one basket doesn’t ring more true- I always knew relying on Google for traffic is a very risky strategy, and I’ll be diversifying a lot more moving forward. Things just got that little bit harder, but I just got that little bit more determined.

Google Update explained

Prior to the update you could get a website ranking for its main keyword if you had what was called an exact match domain (EMD)- this is a domain that matches the keyword search query exactly. For example if you had you could rank for Cheap Laptops more easily as these EMDs carried a ranking bonus with Google. The update meant that the ranking bonus was removed, and many EMD websites now don’t rank anywhere near where they used to.

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The Power of Social Media: Chris James & Deadmau5
June 4, 2012|Uncategorized

The Power of Social Media: Chris James & Deadmau5

deadmau5Social media is a powerful tool, and in the past facebook & twitter statuses (tweets) have rendered super injunctions useless, been used to provide evidence in court to prosecute for crimes, and provide alibi’s.

The power of social media has also changed the life for one Deadmau5 fan, Chris James, Chris is the vocalist for the newly released song by Deadmau5 The Veldt and this is all thanks to just one tweet.

How it happened

March 2012, Deadmau5 was live streaming the creation of his latest track The Veldt, based on the short story by Ray Bradbury. As the track started to come together, he mentioned that he needed to start working on an idea for the vocal track pretty soon.

Chris James who was watching this stream, decided to have a go at putting some lyrics together based on the Veldt story, and recorded his vocals over the top of what Deadmau5 had so far put together.

Chris then tweeted this recording to Deadmau5

Deadmau5 listened to the demo, below his is response

Continuing to stream live, Deadmau5 called Chris on the phone, made plans to officially release the track, got his manager on speakerphone and generally changed the fan’s life.

“Let’s make it a track dude. When my management hears this, they’re gonna shit themselves.”- Deadmau5.

The moment that Deadmau5 discovered Chris’s recording has been captured, and uploaded onto youtube (see below).

I’m quite a big fan of Deadmau5 myself, and when I discovered the story behind the making of this song, it made me love it that little bit more! I know I’m a little bit late posting this, since it all happened in March, nevertheless I still think it’s a great story to share. It’s just another example of the power of twitter, and how it can open doors of opportunities.

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How Facebook made me £300
August 14, 2011|Domaining

How Facebook made me £300

Recently I’ve started to try my hand at domain trading. For those of you that don’t know what a domain is, it is the name/url of a website, e.g., etc. Domain trading involves searching and buying domains that you think may be valuable, and then trying to sell them for more. This is something I have wanted to get into for years, but I never really knew how the process worked, and what constitutes a ‘valuable’ domain.

Over the last month, I found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands, and decided to do some more research into domain trading. With the help of forums such as Acorn Domains, and some individuals in the industry (you know who you are), I started to build up an understanding of what type of domains were valuable, and what were not (I’m still learning).

I have since been registering domains in my name, that I would like to develop, or that I thought had the potential to be resold for more. I now have about 20 domains in my domain portfolio.

 I noticed that a hot niche to have a domain in at the moment was for Electronic Cigarettes, with selling for £15,000 recently, and selling for £1,750. I knew that if I could find one in this niche then I could possibly make some money. However as with any popular niche, it’s very difficult to find a domain available to register, as usually they are snapped up by somebody else. After searching for various terms that could be used for electric cigarette, such as ecigarettes, electriccig, etc, it seemed like they had all been taken. However while I was browsing facebook, I saw a status from a friend of mine. facebook screen shot

 I noticed that this person was calling them e-cigs, a term I didn’t previously search for. After searching again, I found that was available to register, and after getting a second opinion from Frank Paul (cheers Frank!), he suggested it was worth registering. So after paying £7 to have it registered, a week later I put it up for sale on Acorn Domains, where within half an hour of listing it someone offered me £300 for it. I gladly accepted the offer, and was happy to have sold my first domain. Hopefully I will sell a few more in the future :)

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