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Mark Rofe

SEO and digital PR specialist

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Hi, I’m Mark, a digital marketer specialising in SEO and digital PR.

I come up with ridiculous ideas, and then I go do them. Making the internet a slightly better worse place, in the process.

My projects have made (and lost) me money, landed me in news websites around the world, and have even seen me make a few TV appearances.

I find it hard to write about myself without sounding like a complete wanker, so you can decide for yourself by looking at some of the stuff I have done below.

Here’s some shit I’ve done that worked

Wank Sock – a novelty sock for the wanker in your life

Uber Twitter bot – to gain free Uber rides

Edit My Ex – a photo editing service to remove your ex

Brexit Means Breakfast – a plugin which replaces Brexit topics with breakfast

Here’s some shit I’ve done that didn’t work

Tried to find a gf on Tinder – accidentally got my profile featured in the Daily Mail.

What Others Have Said About Me

"Trashy" - The Daily Mail

"Genius" - Capital Xtra

"A bit of a shite" - Gizmodo