Mark Rofe

I create stuff that gets media coverage

Email: mark [at]

Work: Rise at Seven


Hi, I’m Mark, an SEO and digital PR.

For a while I’ve been creating and doing things that have had the unintentional side affect of attracting social shares and media coverage.

So now I’m doing it on purpose

Here’s some shit I’ve done that worked
Wank Sock – a novelty sock for the wanker in your life
Uber Twitter bot – to gain free Uber rides
Edit My Ex – a photo editing service to remove your ex
Brexit Means Breakfast – a plugin which replaces Brexit topics with breakfast

Here’s some shit I’ve done that didn’t work
Tried to find a gf on Tinder – accidentally got my profile featured in the Daily Mail.

What Others Have Said About Me

"Trashy" - The Daily Mail

"Genius" - Capital Xtra

"A bit of a shite" - Gizmodo