My Dubai Experience – Life in Dubai as a British Expat

November 14, 2017General

I moved to Dubai in January 2016 to be with my girlfriend who was living there at the time, and I returned back to the UK in May 2017. This is my personal experience of living in Dubai as a 27-year-old British expat. This of course, doesn’t represent the views of others that live there. … Read More

TsoHost Review From An Internet Marketer

October 18, 2015General

Get 10% Off at Tsohost If you’re thinking of using Tsohost for your hosting then you can get 10% discount using the promo code ROFE10 at the checkout. Top tip, use the code on their annual package (as opposed to monthly) to get a larger discount. Visit As someone who runs a small portfolio … Read More

From £5,000 to £100,000+ A Year

August 2, 2015General

I wanted to write this to demonstrate how practically anyone with digital marketing knowledge can earn £100K+ a year within 8 years by starting out with £5,000. Now I should start off by saying that what I have to share is realistic (no bullshit), so it will require time, patience and discipline. While it’s theoretical, … Read More