Last week I was the unfortunate victim of an attempted negative SEO attack on one of my websites. This stuff happens all the time in the SEO world. Usually it’s done by a competitor so that they can outrank you, however what was interesting about this attack is that it was clear that it was personal.

My site is new and doesn’t even rank yet. I’d only told a handful of people about it, so was surprised to see it come under attack.

On the 5th July I started receiving blog spam links, in all there were about 2,000 of them, with lovely anchor text such as ‘rofe cunt’ & ‘photo box cunt’. Rofe is obviously my surname and Photo box is a place where I have just started working. So whoever did it knows I started working at Photobox, and chances are they read my blog post here.

The day before the attack, which was the 4th July I had uplift in traffic to that blog post as a result of a thread on acorndomains here. So in my opinion whoever committed the attack read that thread.

I have some interesting information on site visits the day before the attack.

On the 4th July (day before the attack and same day the acorn thread was posted) I had just one unique visit to the site, that same day I also had a visit to this blog post from a computer on the same IP address. That very same IP address can be matched back to a user account on acorndomains. That user account is MRH, which belongs to Mark Hall.

Who is Mark Hall?

Mark Hall is an internet marketer, he runs a number of businesses including an SEO agency called Improve Agency, a Sock business & he runs an Avenge business for a living.

Back in March Mark had an outburst on twitter towards me, he sent me a tweet which at the time shocked me and I felt his comment was purely done to belittle me infront of others. Mark has since deleted the tweet, but many others witnessed it. I can’t remember off hand what it was exactly he said.

In fairness to Mark, he did later apologise saying that he was “having a bad day” that he is “quick to anger” and admitted himself that he “went a bit spaz”.

The facts (these can all be verified)

  • Someone on the same IP address who was also in control of the MRH account on acorndomains also visited my blog post here on the 4th July.
  • Someone on that same IP also visited a website of mine on the same day (the only unique visit to that site that day), it was a direct visit to the website and that same IP later visited the site via one of my backlinks.
  • The very next day (5th July) that same website of mine had an attack receiving in excess of 2,000 blog spam comments with anchor texts including ‘rofe cunt’, ‘photo box cunt’ and ‘leech’.

Make of all this what you will, as I am merely stating facts and not accusations.

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