So it’s 3:30am, and I can’t sleep, the perfect time for a blog post right?

I’ve gone and taken a quick look at the top publicised domain sales to date. There may have been higher sales that were done privately and therefore not made public, and if you feel I have missed any out, or got it wrong, let me know (I probably have).

So here’s The Top 10 Publicised Domain Sales.

Update: As I thought, I have missed a couple off and the list has now grown. Many people saying that they know of more domains that would make the list but can’t be because of NDA’s etc.

  • 12 – for £5,000 back in October 2010
  • 11 – for £6,000 in January 2009
  • 10 – for £6,167 ($9,500) in January 2013
  • 9 – for £7,500 in October 2010
  • 8 – for £10,000 in September 2011
  • 7 – for £10,600 in September 2011
  • 6 – for £10,000 (plus VAT) in September 2011
  • 5 – for £10,701 in March 2010. Bit of a cheat this one, as it was ranking well, and not sold purely based on it’s domain value.
  • 4 – for £11,500 in October 2010
  • 3 – for £20,000 in October 2010. Couldn’t post this one without mentioning that I own the singular, yours for the same price :)
  • 2 – for £25,000. Couldn’t find a date for this one. Another sort of cheat, as Frank Paul got this one ranking nicely before selling it on.
  • 1 – for £25,000 in May 2011.

So there you have it! I look forward to all the comments telling me that I got it all wrong :)

I’m off to lay down, that was hard work!


  • Great list Mark ! some of those look familiar 😉 @ TheMeade – Yep, it is well documented too – quite a funny story really, will tell you about it one day 😉

    • Hey Gary, yep i’ll add which sold for £10,600 and which sold for £10,000 + VAT, thanks! Will think about doing a top 20.

  • Cool list.

    I think was a bargain given what the owner went on to make with the site. Bought at the perfect time really.

    The only sizeable purchase I made was for £300 in 2012.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Sorry for the slow response. I personally wouldn’t register them. I have never seen a decent 3 letter sell. It could perhaps be worth it, if it spelt out something such as, however I’d imagine the ones you found would include the letters k,q or z :)


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