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As someone who runs a small portfolio of websites, I’m often asked who I choose to use as a webhost, and why. I’ve tried a handful of hosts over the years, and I’ve found that Tsohost have hands down been the best, and they come highly recommended from me.

Here’s why I recommend Tsohost

  • Uptime – Since moving my sites to Tso I’ve never once had to complain to them about my website going down, this is something that was happening far too regularly with my previous hosts (Domainmonster & 1and1 if you’re wondering). Every time my sites go down it costs me money, so it’s important for me that they stayed up a running. I even pumped a lot of traffic to a viral type site of mine (400+ real time users according to google analytics) and it seemed to cope very well without any noticeable difference in load time, impressive.
  • Customer service – I’ve contacted Tso a few times, and sometimes quite late at night too. There’s someone always on hand to help. It’s not just that there’s someone there to help, it’s that the people there know what they are talking about too, this makes life so much easier when they understand your problem, it avoids frustrations and means I can get things resolved quickly too.
  • Free site migration – If you already have an existing host and are looking to move away from them then Tso provide an excellent service where they can do this for you. You just simply need to provide them with access and logins to your site and they will do all the work for you. Great if you’re not so confident doing this yourself (I’m always worried I’ll fuck it up). Point to note is that I do think the number of free migrations varies depending upon which hosting package you choose to go with.
  • Price – I found the price of hosting to be very reasonable and with prices starting from £1.25 a month and going up significantly higher they can accompany users who need a light, moderate or heavy package.
  • Server location – a minor one here, but I own sites that are UK focused that get their traffic from favourable rankings positions in search engines. There’s some SEO benefit (admittedly very minor) in having your host’s server location in the same country that you want your site to predominately rank. Tsohost have their servers based in the UK, which was obviously useful for me.

The negatives
From a hosting perspective I can’t find any negatives with Tso, if I had to be nit picky then I’d say that their backend interface wasn’t instantly clear when I first started using them, however it was obviously new to me and would naturally take time to get used to anyway.

The only other minor thing (granted it’s unrelated to hosting) was that I needed to purchase an SSL certificate for one of my sites, and I felt their price (I think it was £49.99 for a year) was a little bit more expensive than some other competitors, however I didn’t mind so much as I know their service is far superior to anyone else I’d used before.

I hope you found this review helpful, if you have any further questions on Tso feel free to contact me or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

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  • Whilst TSO Host came highly recommended to me, I have to say how disappointed I am with them.

    They advertise 24/7 UK based support, but that is far from true. Their support centre is actually in Bulgaria and not once have I been able to speak to anybody in the UK!

    Further, late last year they were acquired by the HEG, the parent company of Heart Internet and 123-Reg (amongst others) and as such their level of service and support has hit rock bottom.

    I would advise people to avoid these guys if they can as it is only going to get worse.

  • I agree with Simon Vincent. The platform is great, and the support *used* to be great too.

    But since HEG bought them support is awful. They just try to fob you off and suggest problems with their platform are down to you holding it wrong.

    At the moment, downloading access logs is broken, yet support has just told me (after 24 hours and many emails) that it’s normal for log files to have zero size on all my domains and accounts. They “double checked this with one of [their] Directors”.

    Such a shame.

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